On the Newsbooster Case

Just received a lengthy summary from today’s Newsbooster case by email from Nicolai Lassen, the chief editor (or thief editor, as they may or may not call him at the DDF) of Newsbooster. I’m not a legalese expert but in short, I gather that this is what happened:

- Lawyer Martin Dahl Pedersen (representing the DDF) opened. Key quote: The members of the DDF [the newspapers, ed.] don’t all support the DDF in dragging Newsbooster to court (This was surprising – the rest you probably already know).

- Lawyer Karen Margrethe Tyndeskov (Newsbooster) followed. Key quote: Newsbooster respects copyright (this is important because, from what I can gather, later the same day Mr. Pedersen actually dropped the part that concerns copyright infringement and focused on the violation of the Marketing Act that Newsbooster is allegedly guilty of).

- Witness Holger Rosendahl, attorney, testified for the DDF. Key quote: Newsbooster is not in itself in direct competition with the newspapers. But its newsletters are.

- Witness Lasse Bolander, CEO of Berlingske Online, testified for the DDF. Key Quote: The extra traffic Newsbooster creates causes extra expenses for some newspapers.

- Witness Anders Lautrup–Larsen, CEO Newsbooster and search engine expert, testified for Newsbooster. Key Quote: Newsbooster is a search technology which does not copy any editorial content.

NOTE: I strongly advise readers not to use any quotes directly, without checking with the source first, in the production of news stories. I’ve selected them and translated the quotes from a summary written by Nicolai Lassen who definitely has interest in the case. And I’ve only done this to give you an overview on the case.

In the meantime, here are the two quotes that frame the case most precisely. They’re from Newsbooster’s post-courtroom view on the case:

- We can only hope that the board of the DDF will change their course and reprove the management [of the newspapers, ed.] so that they in turn will move away from attacking the internet businesses and search engines like Newsbooster, and instead focus on a constructive cooperation and development with the internet.

- Newsbooster has come to the conclusion that the DDF hasn’t yet understood the nature of the Internet.

The trial itself was booked for tomorrow as well, but ends here. The judge will issue a verdict on July 5th. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, will not go unnoticed.

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